Q. What is Nude Velvet Skincare?

A. Nude Velvet Skincare is a carefully curated skincare line for the modern day woman or man. NVS is affordable skincare that works, looks, and feels high quality. Every element of Nude Velvet Skincare was thought out with precision and formulated with the environment in mind.


Q. What are mock products?

A. The mock products you see on social media are our official formulations in sample packaging. 


Q. How do you test your products?

A. Every product is tested by women and men just like you over a period of a few months to ensure effectiveness and high quality for our customers. We are a 100% vegan and cruelty free line. 


Q. Are your products eco-friendly?

A. Yes, our products are eco-friendly.


Q. Where can I buy Nude Velvet Skincare products?

A. The only place you can purchase NVS products is through our website. www.nudevelvetskincare.com