Our Philosophy

Nude Velvet is devoted to promoting self love with the sole message that men and women should "choose themselves". A priority of looking after your skin as a way to disconnect from the busy nature of day-to-day life and in order to care for yourself.

"We believe in the power of simplicity when it comes to skincare. Balance is at the core of our values. It is important that we nourish our skin with formulas free from harmful irritants and chemicals in order to protect our skin's barrier. Each product was created with the philosophy less is more in mind."

A mindful curation of sustainably sourced formulas and packaging, Nude Velvet's promise to the planet is to make a positive environmental impact in anyway we can.

Nourish the skin, lift the spirit.


Our Promise

Small Batch
We source our materials from single source farms with profit-sharing for workers.

Nothing goes into our creations that isnโ€™t absolutely necessary to restoring the vitality of your skin.

All of our creations are lovingly hand crafted for a decadent finish.

If you experience anything less than transformative results we will refund your order and provide you with recommendations for skincare alternatives we know and trust.


Our Story

A collection brought to life by esthetician, Madison Nuรฑez. Inspired by her journey to self love, minimalism, and the power of nature's purest ingredients; Nude Velvet emerged, curated by nature in it's perfectly imperfect form.

In 2019, she set her sights on the world of skincare. Unhappy with the offerings of mass-produced products, she knew there had to be a better way. Within a year she launched Nude Velvet Skincare with the ultra soothing 3 in 1 rosewater toner, Aqcua di Rose, and quickly expanded to a full suite of skincare creations.

Later on, in 2021, she expanded Nude Velvet into a full service facial studio. Offering the latest skincare treatments to help you reach your skin goals with little to no downtime.